IT Consulting - Web & Custom Programming - Network Support

Since 1984, helping increase your profits through effective business information management.

Originally an IBM Business Partner specializing in the IBM Midrange family of computers (System/36, System/38 and AS/400(now the iSeries)), we have helped many companies with custom programming solutions and expert consulting for their business information needs, and continue to do so today.

Our experience with the PC platform hails back to 1982. When the IBM PC was introduced, we recognized this as a viable addition to the computing arsenal of a company. We installed our first PC network in 1984 for one of our clients, also connecting it to their larger mainframe system. We wrote our first PC application that same year to help track hazardous materials and the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheets for a manufacturing company. We soon learned that the PC could function as a personal productivity tool, as a main computing platform in its own right, and as a powerful workstation connected to a larger system. PC and networking technology have come a long way since those early days, and we are excited about the future of this platform.

We have taken great care to hire only the "best of the best". This is a major reason why we have enjoyed the long life we have - somewhat rare these days when technology companies come and go like the changing seasons. The majority of our professionals have over 25 years' experience each, and are truly expert in what they do. Most of our associates have been with us over 14 years, attesting to our commitment to our employees, as well as to our customers.